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There is much more to Yara than just its friendly face! Underscored by advanced technology, the Yarado platform allows you to realise the value of automation almost immediately.

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The Yarado platform

Yarado is a flexible Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software solution that mimics user behaviour, allowing you to reduce manual tasks and automate business processes.

Yarado Console

The main control pane of Yarado, a no-code application to record and automate your tasks.

Automation Orchestrator

Manages, schedules and tracks robots, enabling the tasks to run at specific times or intervals.

A no-code automation tool that allows anyone to build a robot

Capture tasks step-by-step

Just hit ‘Record’ and do your work as you normally would. Yarado records each action in the background to learn your process step-by-step.

Automatically document processes

After recording your task, Yarado visualises the whole process preparing it for further analysis, as well as editing and sharing.

Edit and add funcionality

Pick between 100+ functions to analyse, filter, clean and prepare data or add additional low-code scripts to perform certain actions.

Make tasks repeatable

Set up variables and add loops to use data from any source (for example Excel file), or include a variable from other steps in the process you’ve built.

At Yarado, we can help you identify processes that would benefit from automation. But chances are your team already has a good idea of the repetitive work that could be mimicked by a robot.

These three are sure to add a little
frustration to your employees’ workday:


They spend hours downloading and uploading data, copying and pasting information.


They see errors creeping in as a lot of the information is processed manually.

Pulling data

They need to pull data from a number of tools to prepare reports.

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Yara, our software robot, helps your business in a number of areas


Automating everyday admin work


Transferring data between systems


Reporting and dashboarding


Deployment, testing and monitoring
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100% guarantee you’ll save time & money

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2000 hours saved per customer

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100% Error free!

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100% guarantee you’ll save time & money

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100% guarantee you’ll save time & money

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100% Error free!

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100% guarantee you’ll save time & money

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2000 hours saved per customer

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100% Error free!

yara finance bot

Yarado works with all your tools.

Yarado works seamlessly with your data systems, API or no API, so you go sleep peacefully knowing it will all be ok.

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Frequently asked questons

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Do you need to be a developer to use Yarado?

No. Yarado is primarily a no-code platform to develop robots. For more advanced use cases, scripting support and integration with external tools are available.

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How does Yarado improve productivity?

Our software robots can work 24/7, never get sick, and once programmed correctly they make no mistakes. They are also on average 8x faster than humans.

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Is Yarado a cost saving tool?

You could save costs, yes, but it’s better if you look at it as a productivity tool - empowering your employees, rather than replacing them. However, the more processes you automate, the bigger efficiencies you gain.

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Where can I use Yarado in my business?

Yarado can be used across the whole organisation, wherever work is done manually.

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What are the benefits of Yarado?

There are many benefits to using Yarado. You will see an increase in productivity, operational efficiency and compliance, reduce risks, drive digital transformation, and make both customers and employees happier.

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Who (what) is Yara?

Yara is Yarado’s tireless software robot. Once you get started with us, Yara will happily take on all the frustrating tasks your team would love to see gone.

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Why does Yarado exist?

In short, our team is on a mission to free people from boring, repetitive and low-value work.

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What is Yarado?

Yarado is a software company headquartered in the Netherlands, creating software to automate manual tasks and processes.

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