We automate your work by replicating what you do on your screen.

Yarado connects many pieces of your business applications to make your more effective. It’s the silent worker powering you to do great things.

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What are problems Yarado can help solve?

Think about all the times that you spend doing repetitive tasks on a computer.

Whether that’s copying and pasting information from Excel files into an application, or filling out forms, or moving files between folders.

And now think about all of the departments full of smart people around the world, doing those kinds of repetitive tasks.

That’s time and energy they could be spending on more business-critical work. Plus it’s also demotivating to have to do all of those repetitive tasks day in and day out.

So that’s what we’re trying to solve with Yarado.

The perfect copy cat.

The Yarado software robot can interact with a user interface, the same way a human can, which makes it really flexible. Like a copy cat.

Be in the loop (or not).

You can decide if you want to be in the loop at a certain step in the process. If not, you will receive the progress reports in your inbox.

How Yarado's software robots work

Imagine all the apps you use for work collaborating smoothly to each other. Yarado connects 1,000+ applications so the work flows—automagically.

Capture tasks step-by-step

Our software robots automate your work by replicating what you do on your screen, 10x faster, 24/7, and never make a mistake.

Edit and add funcionality

After the process you recorded with Yarado, and the actions you decided the triggers, rules, and/or times when you want the actions happen automatically.

Make tasks repeatable

Yarado can have unlimited actions and automate an entire process—not just a single task. So a workflow can run while you focus on pitching a client and closing the deal, or spend more time with patients to provide the right care.

The real magic happens when you wake up to a message that 1.047 invoices have been processed successfully in your sleep.

Why are companies so excited about Yarado’s
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Broaaaaaad benefits

Because it’s so flexible, it has broad benefits across different departments across the organisation.

Yarado is highly adaptable

You could easily cut your invoice processing time from 1 week down to 1 day using Yarado's RPA.

Lightning fast ROI

When you start saving 1 hour per day, you start saving money. More result, faster and with less effort.

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Yarado helps your business in a number of areas


Reduce the need of hiring more people


Accomplish more with less resources


Speed up your processes


Increase customer and employee satisfaction.
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100% guarantee you’ll save time & money

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2000 hours saved per customer

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100% Error free!

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100% guarantee you’ll save time & money

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100% guarantee you’ll save time & money

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100% Error free!

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100% guarantee you’ll save time & money

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2000 hours saved per customer

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100% Error free!

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Yarado works with all your tools.

Yarado works seamlessly with your data systems, API or no API, so you go sleep peacefully knowing it will all be ok.

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Is Yarado secure?

Yarado takes security and privacy seriously. To learn how we protect your data—and our platform—check out our security page.

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How do I automate my first process?

First, you’ll need to talk to our team. Once we understand your needs, you can either get access to build the automation yourself, or we help you identify the biggest opportunities to automate your work, and help you implement it.

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What data sources can be used?

Yarado supports any application environment and data sources. Websites, portals, on-premises legacy applications, cloud-based portals. The robot can basically handle any application. And of course we support Excel, Email, XML, JSON, CSV, SCV, and SQL.

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How does Yarado automate my work?

Yarado automates your work by replicating what you do on your computer across your applications, and then move information between them based on time-intervals or rule-based triggers.

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Where can I use Yarado in my business?

Yarado’s RPA technology is super flexible, so you could use it nearly anywhere in your organisation where repetitive and administrative work happens. For example: Financial teams for dealing with receivables, payables, calculations, generating reports, you name it. Customer service for updating account information, and processing customer requests. HR for onboarding, off-boarding, payroll. Supply chain for monitoring your inventory, buying and selling goods, updating pricing and currency information.

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What is Yarado?

Yarado is an automation company headquartered in the Netherlands, creating software to automate repetitive work, and help you implement it when necessary.

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