Meet Yara,
your new digital colleague.

An easy to implement robot colleague that automates your time-consuming tasks, enabling people to focus on work that is more productive, more engaging and adds more value to your business.

Works 24/7

Yara is available around the clock, never goes on a summer holiday and never gets sick.

Never makes mistakes

No-one is more accurate than Yara - once they are trained they never make a mistake. evr. Ever.

Lightning fast

Yara is on average four times faster than your fastest employee (nothing personal).

Here are some use cases
Yara is great at:

See how Yara helped Wageningen University save 145.000 euros on enriching recorded lecture information
Yara checks all video and audio feeds in the lecture halls and makes sure all lecture information is correctly added after a live recording.
Discover how Yara helped Fondsendbeheer save 360 hours of manually migrating data
Yara helped migrate data from an old application to a new application, done without errors, outside of business hours.
How to grow an international professional services company with the right insights, and inspire accounting firms beyond their bookkeeping ambitions at the same time?

Helping clients in every sector.

Hundreds of Yara’s are already helping accounting firms, hosting companies, universities and many other organisations to make light work of their repetitive tasks.