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Enabling Wageningen University to migrate and preserve thousands of files

Higher Education
Preservation of past files when changing service provider.

Wageningen University & Research was using a software system Turnitin to detect plagiarism, but when they decided to switch to a different software provider, the past plagiarism scores and records had to be preserved for compliance reasons – a large-scale task considering the number of files. ‍ Yarado helped the university to export, catalogue and upload more plagiarism files in less time with no manual effort.


Hours for Yara to complete the task, which would take months manually


Of records maintained and ready for uploading to the new software


Data accuracy, facilitating regular and reliable reporting


Automated data export, saving months of manual work

Preserved business continuity

Ensured regulatory compliance

Sophisticated reporting capability

Safeguarded brand reputation

The challenge The challenge The challenge

the challenge

WUR needed to export thousands of plagiarism files from Turnitin. Before export, the associated plagiarism score of each file had to be extracted and manually added to a new file (which could later be used to upload the past scores in the new software), otherwise, plagiarism scores would get lost. This low-value, copy-paste work would take months of manual labour and would not be completed before the Turnitin contract termination. Turn-around time was therefore crucial.

The before The before The before The before The before

The before

Before, WUR staff had to change and process every file manually, meaning they had to execute the following time-consuming tasks:

  1. Log in to Turnitin to retrieve plagiarism file
  2. Click on the plagiarism score, modify the file by adding the score and grade it via Turnitin interface
  3. Download new file, save it and store it in fileserver

The after The after The after The after The after The after The after


WUR has saved many valuable hours of work time thank to having Yara running 24/7. All plagiarism files were transferred from Turnitin to a tidy file server within just a few days, and Yara made it possible to maintain thousands of data records in preparation for the file transfer to the new plagiarism tool – ensuring business continuity and compliance.

Yara, our software robot:

  1. Located the file
    Yara gained access to Turnitin to locate the plagiarism file.
  2. Merged file with the score
    Yara added the plagiarism score, modified the file accordingly and graded to file by automatically adding respective layers within Turnitin.
  3. Exported the file to a defined database
    Yara downloaded and saved the new file in order to export it to an internal fileserver. As a result, it was then possible to put together insightful reporting.
”Yarado has been fundamental in enabling us to reduce operational cost transforming us from reactive to proactive.”

Gerrit Bakker - Product owner of MDT Multimedia Educational Support Centre