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Ensuring business continuity for Radboud University

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Migrating thousands of files while switching vendors.
Radboud University
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accuracy in achieving seamless file migration

In order to take security, privacy and user acceptance seriously, educational institutions regularly review software providers they work with. Recently, Radboud University decided to implement a new plagiarism-detection software provider, moving away from their current Turnitin solution. Due to vendor dependency, there was no easy way to export plagiarism files to prevent data loss and ensure compliance. Yarado allowed Radboud to automatically migrate thousands of files before the migration deadline by setting up multiple software robots within just a few days.

Automated file migration through Turnitin's user-interface

Enhanced innovation mindset as a result of understanding Yara's capabilities

Sound business case with Yara's costs being half the price of extending Turnitin subscription

Increased workforce happiness

Migrating the files from one provider to another means files need to be extracted from Turnitin manually by navigating the user-interface for each file. This takes a lot of effort, eating up time and resources, and results in migration not being completed on time. When done manually, all legacy plagiarism files risk being lost which can have serious ramifications. Firstly, Radboud may need to pay a double license fee to simply keep their existing records until they migrate all files successfully (those files are necessary to detect plagiarism). Secondly, Radboud risks not meeting their compliance requirements, as without successful migration, they are in danger of losing the files they have accumulated over the last seven years.

Radboud University

Before partnering with Yarado, staff members would have to sit behind their computers all day to perform various standardised clicks within Turnitin's environment, such as the following:

  1. Retrieving the plagiarism file after logging into Turnitin.
  2. Modifying the file by adding the plagiarism score, final grade and teacher's comments through the Turnitin interface.
  3. Downloading the file and uploading it to the file server.

With swift help from Yarado, Radboud is ready to use their new plagiarism software provider, preventing substantial costs, compliance risks and mistakes. But there is more: at an operational level, employee satisfaction has increased, and, at tactical and strategic level, managers have started to identify other opportunities Yarado can help with - further driving efficiencies and productivity within the organisation.

Software robot, Yara, automates the migration of plagiarism files in the following way:

  1. Opening the file.
    Yara opens the plagiarism file within Turnitin.
  2. Customising the file.
    Yara adds different layers to the file, such as plagiarism score, final grade and teacher's comments.
  3. Exporting the file.
    Once customised, Yara exports the file to a fileserver to be sourced into the new plagiarism tool.
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