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Yarado works for you by automating complex, repetitive tasks.


Empowering Business


Empowering Users


Empowering Applications

We believe good tools should assist you and boost your productivity at home or in the office. We believe great tools should be easy to use for everyone. That is why we build Yarado, it gives you the power to take control and make your day easier.

Independent of any application and scripting knowledge, Yarado can automate tasks and processes. Record a task once and replay it whenever you need or want to. Schedule these tasks on demand and scale up whenever needed, giving you the power to take control and focus on the things that really matter.

Yarado uses seven different recognition methods that makes Yarado an innovative and unique product.

Yarado works for you

at any time

Automate your tasks anywhere you are

You do the
fun stuff

Let Yara do the time consuming, hard to remember or frustrating tasks.


Automate anything so you have time for the things that really matter.


Yarado saves you time and ensures less frustration


Once properly setup, Yarado doesn’t make errors

Pay per
use model

Easy to understand pay per use model for schedules you want to run.

The perfect toolkit for businesses that want to take control

Yarado Business Edition
Easy and simple to use, use on a local computer, automate local tasks, run business tasks created by other departments.

Yarado Enterprise Edition
Scalable for large environments, high availabilty cluster nodes to schedule tasks, form designer to create input forms, webforms.

Productivity Boost
More employees are needed, more and more complex to get data out of all your different systems, tedious tasks that are time consuming every day again, tasks that can easily go wrong and cause frustration. While you would like to be busy with the future, customers, relations and important projects that really matter. Imagine filling your day only with essentials and no more side issues.


Yarado is a software product powered by Visual Admin, a company that aimes on innovation in the field of RPA (robotic process automation). Goal, reduce the number of human actions for operating software to a minimum through the use of new techniques, insights and software. Main objective is to enable people and companies to be busy with the things that really matter and let software work for you. Supported by the government and with patented techniques and ideas are working here on the automation revolution for the coming years.

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