No more endless moving of data from one place to another.

Automate download, cleaning and upload of data

Scrape web data and enrich it to open up new opportunities

Consolidate your data for improved and actionable insights

Whether you need to securely share files across various applications, scrape data from various platforms and sites, or you’re looking to correctly reconcile billing information, Yara will help you achieve more than just saved time.

Exchange your data across systems.

Save valuable time
Shift employee focus and add value in more intensive areas that require professional and business-related expertise.

Mitigate risk
Improve the integrity of your data and remove risk of potential data breaches to ensure regulatory compliance.

Enrich your data.

Automatically extract online data
Automate sophisticated web data extraction, transformation and upload to the tools of your choice.

Open up new possibilities
Collect data from multiple websites to research new intelligence, compare pricing, detect illicit activities and more.

Stay in control.

Improve data accuracy
Ensure your data is up-to-date in all your systems by creating an automated import of valid information on a regular basis.

Get higher quality data
By tirelessly cleaning and syncing your data, Yara guarantees continuous quality of your information.

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