More things measured means more things done.

Eliminate the time-consuming manual pulling of data from various systems

Accelerate the delivery of accurate insights to key stakeholders

See the bigger picture and bring confidence into your decision making

Yara robot regularly gathers your data from various different sources, cleans it and pulls it all together, making it available to you whenever you need it.

Access accurate information.

Stay up-to-date
Let Yara to run reports on a regular basis depending on your business requirements, allowing you to have instant access to reliable information.

Accelerate data reporting
Access current data that reflects your organisation’s most important metrics and speed up the delivery of critical reporting to stakeholders.

Make more confident decisions.

Drive immediate action
Use reliable reporting and leverage the data when creating intuitive dashboards to inform and guide your decision making.

Analyse, then optimise
Compare historical trends, forecast performance and easily find and address anomalies to optimise processes within your organisation.

Optimise internal resources and increase customer satisfaction.

Save hours on manual reporting
Eliminate the need for manual intervention in gathering data from multiple systems, freeing up your employees to perform value-add work instead.  

Serve your customers better
Shorter reporting times and error-free output ensure an improved and more-consistent customer experience.

See Yara at work