High performing systems are the foundation of a high performing business.

Test and monitor the performance and accessibility of websites, portals and apps

Provide better customer experience and preserve brand reputation

Automate data input and output to streamline service deployment

Yara automatically keeps the lights on, giving you the peace of mind that all your systems are performing at the highest level. What’s more, you can also automate the deployment of users and services, saving valuable time and resources.  

Monitor and test for issues.

Free IT from mundane tasks
Reposition your IT resources by having Yara test and monitor your systems as frequently as you need.

Safeguard accessibility and performance
Proactively monitor the performance of your systems from the end-user perspective, ensuring user experiences are preserved.

Improve your customer service.

React quickly to any problems
Set up alerting that allows you to catch and resolve any detected issues before they affect your users.

Mitigate reputational risk
Avoid any negative impact on your brand by having full visibility into the status of your front-end systems.

Streamline deployment.

Deploy users and services
Increase efficiencies by having Yara take care of user, infrastructure and server deployment, regardless of the environment.

Integrate data streams between apps
Accelerate the setup of data flows between applications to speed up onboarding and other processes and avoid costly integration.

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