Less time on manual work means more focus on your core business.

Reduce unproductive hours spent on routine tasks

Enrich your data and increase its reliability and accuracy

Get more out of your application or migrate to a new one

Our software robot, Yara, automates manual entries in your (legacy) systems, and takes care of the collection, cleaning, enrichment and migration of your data within the application.

Reduce overtime and speed up turnaround.

Forget the copy-paste
The bulk copying and pasting is high on the list of the worst menial tasks out there. Yara will automate it all for you, collecting and cleaning your application data.

Reposition resources
Interacting with your application just as a human would, your employees can focus on revenue-earning, value-add activities instead (Yara is great at improving employee morale!).

Increase data quality.

Lower error rates
People make mistakes, Yara doesn’t. They will keep your app data free of errors, always filling the right information and ensuring greater compliance as a result.  

Improve information management
By automating the data handling process, Yara cleans and enriches your data, addressing issues related to irrelevant and outdated information.

Match automation to your immediate requirements.

Maximise the value of your stack
Replacing (older) business applications is directly tied to sizeable upfront costs - Yara allows you to get more out of your current setup, ensuring it continues to provide business value.  

Migrate your data
If you decide to move your information to a different system, Yara will automatically migrate the data, eliminating the need for manual data transfer.

See Yara at work