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RPA Basics

What is RPA?
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software to automate repetitive tasks typically performed by humans.
What is a software robot?
A software robot is a computer programme containing instructions that tell the robot which tasks to perform. As a result, the robot simulates and mimics human behaviour.
What is attended RPA?
With attended RPA, the software robot is helping a person do their work easier and faster. When the robot needs assistance, it will ask the person for help. Typically, it’s the human who will need to start the task manually.
What is unattended RPA?
With unattended RPA, the software robot is doing all the work on its own without a person being in the loop. The benefit is that the robot can work during the nights and on weekends, making it super-efficient.
Who can use RPA?
We see accelerated growth of RPA across all sectors, and companies of all sizes make use of this technology. Mid-market organisations especially can realise great benefits from RPA, automating time-consuming and repetitive processes so they can focus on their growth ambitions instead.

About Yarado

What is Yarado?
Yarado is a software company headquartered in the Netherlands, creating software to automate manual tasks and processes.
Why does Yarado exist?
In short, our team is on a mission to free people from boring, repetitive and low-value work.
Who (what) is Yara?
Yara is Yarado’s tireless software robot. Once you get started with us, Yara will happily take on all the frustrating tasks your team would love to see gone.
What are the benefits of Yarado?
There are many benefits to using Yarado. You will see an increase in productivity, operational efficiency and compliance, reduce risks, drive digital transformation, and make both customers and employees happier.
Where can I use Yarado in my business?
Yarado can be used across the whole organisation, wherever work is done manually.
Is Yarado a cost saving tool?
You could save costs, yes, but it’s better if you look at it as a productivity tool - empowering your employees, rather than replacing them. However, the more processes you automate, the bigger efficiencies you gain.
How does Yarado improve productivity?
Our software robots can work 24/7, never get sick, and once programmed correctly they make no mistakes. They are also on average 8x faster than humans.
Do you need to be a developer to use Yarado?
No. Yarado is primarily a no-code platform to develop robots. For more advanced use cases, scripting support and integration with external tools are available.


Is Yarado expensive?
We want the entire world to use Yarado, so it is not expensive, especially compared to the value you get out of it. Our pricing model is transparent and focused on meeting your business needs.
How does your pricing model work?
With Yarado, you pay a fixed amount per month, per robot, regardless of how many processes you automate.
Is there any hidden cost?
No, our pricing is straightforward and transparent, doesn’t include tiering or hidden costs. Also, by default, you get access to all features and functions.
Is there always a business case for Yarado?
Most of the times the business case is very clear. Apart from saving costs on labour and introducing an error-free process, Yarado helps you be compliant and in control of your data, and increases the quality of your decision making. Added bonus is that it also results in happier employees.
Are there any costs related to implementation?
Yarado is a software company, but we can help you with the implementation of our software – either directly or via partners. The cost of implementation can be a one-off fixed fee, or we can add it to your monthly fee, depending on your situation and preference.

Getting started

How do I start with Yarado?
Starting with Yarado is easy, but it depends a little bit on what process you want to automate. Typically, we can help you setup Yarado in less than two days.
How long does it take for Yarado to show results?
In 80% of the cases, you see the benefits of Yarado within 2 days.
Do I need training to use Yarado?
We offer a free introduction training, and we recommend you take it to make sure you understand how Yarado works. We also provide more advanced and expert training, support and have a community that is always there to help.
Can I automate multiple processes?
Yes, the more processes you automate the more efficiencies and value you will see. Our average, after 4 weeks our customers run 4 processes using one Yara robot. That said, we recommend you start with one process, see the immediate value, and scale based on your needs.
Do I need to be a programmer or developer to use Yarado?
No, our tool has been designed with business users in mind. We believe in a no-code approach, meaning everybody can quickly learn to automate processes with Yarado.

Automating processes

How do I know which process to automate?
Any process which is repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone or time-sensitive is a good process to automate. See our case studies or visit our community for some inspiration.
Are there any specific use cases?
Yes, in general, we see four different use cases, ranging from 1) automating your daily work, 2) connecting different systems 3) creating reports and dashboards and 4) testing different things.
Do I need to improve my processes before automating them?
No, you can start automating your processes and tasks based on how they are now. Once up and running, you can optimise them and add extra steps, sub-tasks or combine tasks that were initially separated, introducing even more value to your process.

Training, community and support

Is there training available?
Yes, our Yarado Academy offers training. We provide both free basic training and paid, more advanced training.
What is the Yarado community?
Yarado has an active community of users and partners who share inspiration, best practices and knowledge.  
Is it difficult to get up to speed?
No, it is not difficult to get up to speed with Yarado, most people can automate processes within a day.
Do you issue certifications?
Yes. The Yarado Academy has 5 different grades of expertise, and upon successful completion of each grade (and passing an exam) you’re awarded a certification.
Is training mandatory?
No, training is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Compared to other tools, Yarado is pragmatic and straightforward, and quickly you will be able to automate processes yourself.
Is there support available to me?
Yes, support is extremely important to us. We want to make your experience with Yarado as simple and effortless as possible, so we are always at hand to help.

Yarado customers and partners

Who are Yarado customers?
Yarado has many customers across different industries and countries.
Do you work with partners?
Yes, we have many different partners who can help our customers to implement or optimise their processes.

Yarado versus other tools

Does Yarado have competitors?
RPA is an upcoming market, and like any other market, there are other players out there. Unlike other providers, we focus on implementing RPA quickly, so you can experience the benefits immediately. Simplicity and flexibility are our key differentiators.
How does Yarado compare to APIs?
Yarado can act as an API for systems which are currently not API connected. In many cases, building an API is time-consuming and prone to changes and Yarado can be a better, quicker, more flexible or cheaper solution. Yarado can also act as temporary solution until an API is available.
How do you compare to UiPath / Blue Prism?
UiPath and Blue Prism are very good RPA vendors, but are less straight forward to implement, more expensive to use and typically require more consulting. This means they are not always the right choice for various businesses.
Do you compete with UiPath / Blue Prism?
UiPath and Blue Prism are RPA solutions with a different philosophy and approach (see above). Many of our customers use multiple vendors and deploy us when they need to see the value quick.
How do you compare to PowerAutomate?
PowerAutomate is a competitive Microsoft product, works best with Microsoft products and therefore may not be the right fit for many organisations.
Can Yarado solve the UiPath RPA Challenge?
Yes, Yarado is great at solving the RPA challenge. Last time it took only 20 minutes to set Yarado up for solving one.

Running Yarado

Is Yarado easy to adjust?
Yarado is miles ahead when it comes to flexibility. Once a process has been automated it is very easy to make adjustments when things need to be changed or optimised.
How reliable is Yarado?
Yarado is extremely reliable and built on a tested and proven foundation. Our own RPA Le Mans test was stopped after it was running for over a year non-stop.
Do I need a consultant to start with Yarado?
No, you typically don’t need a consultant to implement Yarado. However,  some of our customers do ask a consultant to help them get up to speed quickly, while building up their own Yarado capabilities.
Do I need to optimise all the processes before automating them?
No, Yarado works best if you just automate your process as it is now. Once your current processes is automated, you can see how you want to optimise it and whether you want to add new value to that process.
Is Yarado a permanent solution?
The beauty of Yarado is you can use it both as a permanent or temporary solution, depending on what you use it for. Many of our customers use Yarado as a permanent solution to automate manual work, but also as a temporary solution for migrating data, solving back-log development or connecting (older) systems.
Can I run multiple processes on a robot?
You can automate and run as many processes as you want using a single robot. There is only one limitation – you cannot run two processes simultaneously, just like a human employee can do only one task at a time.
How do I manage multiple robots?
There are different ways of managing multiple robots, but the easiest way is to have a robot manage different robots! All our robots come with this orchestration functionality, so you don’t need a special license for it.

Yarado use cases

Can Yarado handle administrative work?
Yes, Yara loves admin. Many administrative tasks like bookkeeping, ordering, invoicing and reporting are tasks Yarado excels in.
Can Yarado help me with reporting?
Yes, Yarado is often used to gather data from different sources, like excel and bookkeeping systems, turning this data into reports. Because Yarado is always available, you can do this every night and have real-time insights in in your inbox every morning, rather than wait for the report till the end of the month.
Can Yarado help detect fraud?
Yes, Yarado has experience in fraud detection based on the data analysis it can facilitate.
Can Yarado help me meet compliance?
Yes, one of the primary benefits of Yarado is that it helps you stay compliant by standardising data, creating paper trails, auditing tracks or gathering visual proof like screenshots.
Can Yarado help with business continuity?
Yes, Yarado actively drives business continuity in a couple of ways. First of all, it makes sure you don’t rely on that one person in the business anymore to perform a given task. Second, it helps you standardise processes, and as a result it reduces risks.
Can Yarado help me access data in older systems?
Yes, Yara is a specialist in extracting data from closed, clogged up and legacy systems.
Can I use Yarado to clean up the data in my older systems?
Yes, Yarado is an amazing tool to improve the data quality within older systems where the data is not disclosed via an API. Check out our use cases to find out more.
Can Yarado help me save on license cost?
Yes, many organisations save for example on ERP licenses (such as SAP)  by giving a robot access to their ERP, rather than buying multiple licenses for all employees.
Can I use Yarado for data migrations?
Yes, Yarado is a perfect tool for migrations. You can use Yarado multiple times to migrate different data sets from the same system.
Can Yarado act as an API?
You can have Yarado act as a ‘visual API’. Operating Yarado as an API is smart in situations when the development of an API is time-consuming or difficult due to frequent changes. It’s also useful when you need many different APIs to connect different systems.


What does Yarado need to work?
When you start working with Yarado, we give Yara a cloud workspace. Yara can also work on on-premises workstation.
What technologies does Yarado use?
Under the surface, Yarado is an extremely complex software tool, which uses different technologies to make sure tasks can be performed without errors.
Does Yarado run in the cloud?
Yes, by default Yarado runs on a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine.
Does Yarado run on-premises?
Yes, Yarado can be installed on a local workstation. This might be the best solution in technically complex situations and when certain compliance requirements need to be taken into account.
Can I trigger Yarado via an API?
Yes, you can trigger Yarado via an API and therefore integrate it in any process you want.
Does Yarado use machine learning and artificial intelligence?
Yes, Yarado makes use of Microsoft’s AI platform and therefore has access to the latest technologies such as machine learning, AI and object recognition.