Continually monitoring lecture
hall video and audio feeds

The Challenge

In order to accomplish its mission, and as part of the program, recording lectures and making them available to a broader audience is essential.  

There are approximately 40 lecture halls which often used to run into problems with the media equipment. Keeping control and solving issues in a timely manner was difficult.

The files, together with metadata, needed to be categorised and uploaded to allow availability to a wider audience; this was a very manual and tedious process.


Yarado enables not only the automated monitoring of the video recording set up, but also the continuous monitoring of the audio and video recording process, alerting employees in case of errors so they can take action where required.  

Even more, the Yarado robot categorises and makes the video files available to a large audience via different channels, eliminating the manual and inefficient process of managing metadata for each recording.

”Yarado has been fundamental in enabling us to reduce operational cost transforming us from reactive to proactive.”

Gerrit Bakker - Product owner of MDT Multimedia
Educational Support Centre


success rate for recordings (up from 65%)

145.000 euro

Savings on enriching video metadata each year

7 days

From process flow to implementation

Next Steps

Based on the success of the initial implementation, there are several other challenges WUR wants to tackle. Firstly, keeping a recurring success rate (96% or higher) of recordings through pro-active monitoring and intervention, and further automation of the current manual response based on errors.

Secondarily, the processing and enrichment of 80.000 existing video clips currently missing the correct data. And finally, introducing robotised regression testing of software after updates, fully automated to achieve a consistent quality and more efficient form of testing.