Eliminating many weeks
of manual repetitive work

The Challenge

Fondsenbeheer needed to migrate an extensive amount of sensitive data from a legacy application to a newly built, and untested, application.

There were no other means to achieve this other
than manually copying the data from the old application and inputting the information into the right fields within the new one.

This would take several employees many weeks of manual repetitive work, at the great risk of typos appearing in the sensitive data.


Yarado started by consulting Fondsenbeheer, determining requirements to lay out the complete process, then building a robot to automate it.

This entire process took two days. Besides automating the migration of the data itself, we also added data validation to make sure it was complete and correct.

This included checking for empty data fields, zip codes and cities, and making sure telephone numbers were correctly formatted, before reporting the validation by email.

The migration robot ran outside of business hours to prevent putting a heavy load on internal systems and the total migration was performed by this one robot in several days, instead of requiring weeks of manual labour.

”Yarado has taken away an immense amount of manual repetitive work and we achieved a 100% success rate during migration.”

Erwin Vrijhoef - Senior IT Business Analyst


success rate during migration

360 hours

Of repetitive manual
labor saved

2 days

From process flow to implementation

Next Steps

As a result of the effective robotisation of the migration process with Yarado, Fondsenbeheer now wants to automate its monitoring and user-testing processes by simulating the users of its internal and external web applications, as well as further automating the manual input processes running within its organisation.

This will allow Fondsenbeheer to take further control of its processes and systems, while improving the customer service experience.