Case Study

Increasing productivity and optimising licensing costs for Vattenfall

Daily retrieval and entry of information within the SAP system.
Yarado Impact


reduction in admin work


Full-time employees repositioned towards higher value work


SAP licences saved

Vattenfall, an energy company providing district heating, sends out mechanics who visit residents to help fix electricity and gas-related issues. Through SAP, an Enterprise Resource Planning system, Vattenfall coordinates hundreds of their work orders. Mechanics use SAP to extract order information and report on the progress of the order – a time-consuming, administrative burden. Yarado enabled Vattenfall mechanics to boost their productivity by automating all manual actions within SAP's user interface.

Automated data management within SAP

Hours saved on manual admin work

Higher productivity among the on-the-ground employees

Reduced licensing costs

Reliable and accurate information within the SAP system

Every day, Vattenfall mechanics had to perform an endless number of clicks in order to retrieve and enter required information into the company SAP system. They needed to navigate to different tabs within SAP to not only access relevant information before each job, but also to report the progress and status of the order afterwards by filling in numerous empty fields. As a result, this administrative work accounted for at least 50% of their working time, making their day-to-day work less productive and more frustrating. Furthermore, two full-time employees were required to clean incorrect data entered by mechanics to prevent unreliable information from accumulating within the SAP system.


Prior to working with Yarado, Vattenfall mechanics had to execute several steps within SAP's user interface (before and after completing each work order).

Prior to the order

  1. Log in to SAP and navigate to that day’s work order list.
  2. SAP would redirect them to an external web-based application, where the mechanic would log in to view specific work order information, such as order number and description of the issue at hand.

After completing the order

  1. Copy order number from the web-based application.
  2. Paste order number back into SAP to provide details about order progress.
  3. Enter registered hours and order status into designated fields.

Yarado created a web-interface that enabled mechanics to enter necessary information in one place, without the need to navigate to multiple tabs within SAP. Yara removed the need to perform manual actions in SAP, and consequently Vattenfall required fewer SAP licences, which saved substantial costs and helped to optimise their licences procurement. Crucially, mechanics now take considerably less time to execute administrative work and the information is immediately entered correctly, providing greater visibility to the entire organisation.

Software robot, Yara, performs the following actions:

  1. Collecting information
    Once triggered by the mechanic's input in the web-interface, Yara reads and categorises all input.
  2. Retrieving work orders
    Yara logs into SAP, navigates to the web-based application and logs in again as it retrieves order-specific information.
  3. Presenting information
    After extracting information, Yara delivers it to the web-interface of the mechanic.
  4. Implementing information into SAP
    Yara returns to SAP and enters the order number and populates the necessary fields in different tabs.
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