case study

Automating the process of data correction for Trivire

Housing corporation
Manual and error-prone process of correcting data entries within Microsoft Dynamics.

Trivire is a housing corporation that rents out houses and apartments, also taking responsibility for their maintenance. To account for the upcoming maintenance expenses, a preliminary booking of 1 euro is made in the accounting software, Microsoft Dynamics. Once the actual invoice for the work is received, the finance department has to correct such entries by updating the system with the final costs.


hours saved per year


more time  per employee to focus on tenants, risk management and reporting


accurate data entries,ensuring high data quality and compliance


Entries are automatically corrected three times a day

24/7 availability and zero dependence on staff

Up-to-date expenses

Increased data quality and accuracy for reliable financial reporting

The challenge The challenge The challenge

the challenge

Any time Trivire receives a maintenance invoice with the actual work costs, they need to rectify the preliminary booking containing the estimated costs by navigating the user-interface within Microsoft Dynamics. This manual exercise involves relatively straightforward yet repetitive and frustrating clicks and actions, which when executed multiple times a day, result in typos and wrong actions performed. Consequently, financial data is inaccurate, causing incorrect reporting, unreliable insights and hampered compliance.

The before The before The before The before The before

The before

Before partnering with Yarado, Trivire employees had to perform a few manual actions each time an invoice came in, making the process ill-structured and repetitive:

  1. After accessing Microsoft Dynamics, theemployee would select the right entry that refers to the invoice amount.
  2. They would then navigate to the preliminaryentry, classified as a “purchase order”, to connect it with the invoice entry.
  3. The employee would enter the actualmaintenance costs based on the invoice amount.
  4. Lastly, they would save the updated input toadd the adjusted entry to the list of definite entries.

The after The after The after The after The after The after The after


Trivire now enjoys a fully automated process when it comes to correcting hundreds of entries. As a result, a significant amount of time and money is saved each week on manual labour. While the process is automated, mistakes and erroneous entries no longer happen, allowing for accurate reporting and compliance. Yara is available 24/7 all year around, so even during the holiday period when finance managers are off, maintenance expenses are being tracked. With their digital colleague Yara working fulltime, Trivire has identified additional processes they would like to automate to achieve even greater operational benefits for their organisation – one of them is monitoring sensor data installed in tenants’ houses in order to support tenants more pro-actively. The digital colleague, Yara, works autonomously and is scheduled to take the following actions three times a day:

Task #01

Collect entries

  1. Navigating system.
    Once logged in to Microsoft Dynamics, Yara navigates to the entries tab.
  2. Filtering entries.
    Yara filters entries out to only select entries that contain the actual invoice amount.
  3. Exporting entries.
    Yara exports the selected entries to an Excel file.
  4. Cleaning entries.
    In the Excel file, Yara leaves out entries that were previously processed.
  5. Copying entry numbers.
    After validating each entry, Yara copies all (remaining) entry numbers under the associated column in the Excel file to save it as a text file.

Task #02

Correct entries

  1. Selecting entry.
    Yara selects each entry one-by-one in Microsoft Dynamics based on the entry numbers copied.
  2. Copying invoice amount.
    After selecting an entry, Yara copies the invoice amount which represents the actual costs.
  3. Replacing expected amount.
    Yara opens the corresponding purchase order and replaces the expected cost with the actual invoice amount.
  4. Saving entry.
    Yara saves the entry and adds it to the entry list in Microsoft Dynamics.
  5. Updating progress.
    When completed, Yara sends an email to the employee in charge with the metrics, such as the amount of entry numbers processed and rejected during validation.