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Managing error-free invoicing for The Sourcing Company

Managed IT Service Provider
Invoicing customers based on pay-per-use model.
The Sourcing Company
Yarado Impact


Hours per month saved on manual admin


Days earlier invoicing


Drop in customer complaints

For any organisation whose revenue is based on selling licenses, consumption-based invoicing is often an administrative burden faced every month. Yarado helped The Sourcing Company (TSC), a large MSP in the Netherlands, with the calculation process that ensures clients pay the right amount for what they use.

Automated invoice creation and no need for manual admin

Ability to invoice faster, leading to better cashflow and less risk

Always accurate invoice information, allowing to anticipate churn

New reporting possibilities, giving customers greater transparency

Creating invoices based on the changing usage of data, such as license consumption, is made up of multiple, repeatable steps. At the end of every billing month, TSC employees had to check actual usage data for each client – a manual effort that caused frustration and produced unreliable data, resulting in invoices that often reflected incorrect billing. In some cases, the wrong calculations meant TSC missed out on revenue.

The Sourcing Company

Before, employees had to manually execute three steps for each client, each of them error-prone, labour-intensive and time- consuming:

  1. Log in to Microsoft Office 365 to check the number of licenses used.
  2. Note the number of licenses down in a spreadsheet that corresponds to the client.
  3. Access a separate billing system to create invoice.

Implementing Yara took only few hours, with an immediate impact on the time and resources of the business. Yarado fully automated the invoice process for The Sourcing Company. From downloading the data from one system, to entering all data into a separate billing system, our tireless robot Yara:

Software robot, Yara, performs the following actions:

  1. Extracts data
    Yara logs in to the Microsoft Office 365 Portal and extracts license billing data for a given month.
  2. Segments data
    Yara adds the license billing data to the Excel spreadsheet that corresponds to the client.
  3. Analyses inconsistencies
    In the spreadsheet, Yara calculates the difference between ‘active licenses at the end of the month’ and ‘highest number of active licenses during a month’.
  4. Uploads data
    Yara transfers the cleaned and modified data into the billing system.
  5. Uses insights
    Yara creates an invoice containing active licenses plus the additional licenses used during that month. With spreadsheet data in place, it is also possible to retrieve churn insights among other reporting opportunities.

”Yarado revolutionised our invoicing process. We now have up-to-date billing information, and are able to better manage cashflow. The productivity of our finance department skyrocketed as a result”.

Ronald Verweij, Managing Partner

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