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Automatically updating customer database and running an effortless contact migration for Paal15.

After-sales services
Repetitive CRM admin and data migration work
Yarado Impact


night to update and migrate thousands of contacts


months of manual, boring work saved


accurate and high-quality CRM data for better outreach and engagement

Paal15, an international strategic positioning and go-to-market agency , needed to update their CRM contacts’ information as they planned to move from Zoho CRM system to Microsoft Dynamics. They were looking to ensure the reliability of their customer database by reviewing their contacts’ current role and workplace and validating this information using LinkedIn. Yarado allowed Paal15 to clean and enrich their customer information by checking for LinkedIn status updates of each contact, and then automatically migrated the updated customer data into the new CRM system. Since then Paal15 is able to always keep their customer records up-to-date as Yarado runs status check every month, ensuring their CRM system contains latest and accurate information.

CRM database updated with zero human intervention

Clean and enriched customer profiles within Microsoft Dynamics

Risk-free data migration ensuring software flexibility

Increased sales outreach effectiveness as CRM is always up-to-date

Updating, exporting and importing thousands of legacy contact data is very manually exhausting and repetitive – a task no employee would volunteer to perform. Sifting through each contact to check whether customer information still matches their current job and role on LinkedIn would likely result in missed or incorrect data and take around 3 months. Additionally, the reviewed contact information would then need to be manually imported one-by-one into the new CRM system. Paal15 decided it was time to automate this frustrating and time-consuming task – the company also realised they would benefit from running updates periodically to prevent outdated contact information hindering their marketing and sales efforts.


Before working with Yarado, the entire process was manual, representing a huge admin burden for (overqualified) employees to work on. The staff would have to:

  1. Export an Excel file from Zoho CRM.
  2. Check every contact record and analyse if the details match the information provided on the associated LinkedIn account.
  3. In case that contact information was outdated, they would have to update the information in Excel.
  4. Create a new contact entry in Microsoft Dynamics and fill in the related information from the Excel file.

With the help of their digital colleague Yara, Paal15 is able to modify and enrich their legacy CRM data and migrate it afterwards – in an automated way and without involving overqualified staff. As all contact information is always updated and error-free within just a few hours, marketing and sales staff never have to worry about outdated information anymore. Software robot, Yara, takes the following actions mimicking human behaviour:

  1. Exporting contacts.
    Once logged into CRM system, Yara runs an export delivered in an Excel file.
  2. Copying contact.
    Yara copies the contact name under the appropriate column in the Excel file.
  3. Searching on LinkedIn.
    Yara pastes the contact name in the search bar of LinkedIn to run a search.
  4. Selecting and validating.
    After searching, Yara makes sure that the right LinkedIn account is selected by basing the selection on multiple variables, like first name, last name and company name (as stated in currentCRM system).
  5. Retrieving account information.
    Yara copies all information from the contact's LinkedIn account to a text file.
  6. Extracting information.
    Within the text file, Yara extracts the relevant information: job title and company.
  7. Documenting information.
    Yara then enters the contact's information, such as name, job title and company name in a new Excel file.
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