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Process requests faster for hospitals and support patients earlier.

Automating 35.000 requests from the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD)
Hospital request processing
Yarado Impact


Reduction in time spent on process.


Requests processed per year.


Employees were free'd to do more valuable work.

At the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department of a Dutch hospital, it is necessary to request a decision from the municipality for each patient from the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD), HiX. Otherwise, the care provided cannot be invoiced. Yarado has helped the hospital by generating all applications flawlessly and sending them to the municipality faster than ever.

Yarado generates and sends the decisions from HiX to the municipality.

Less administrative burden, more time for the patient and the municipality.

No more administrative backlog during the peak in January.

Dramatically accelerated application process, which means that the patient is supported earlier.

In January, hospital staff experienced a peak in applications of 300 decisions per day, as the decisions have to be resubmitted to the municipality every year. Given the repetitive actions in HiX, it takes 2 full-time employees to generate dispositions in HiX and send them to the municipality. This peak load leads to a backlog in applying for decisions. At the same time, there is less time and attention for contact with the municipality, which means that applications are delayed.

Hospital request processing

In the original situation, it took 2 FTE to handle the workload in January – the process looked like this:

  1. In HiX, the employee selects on the patients for which the first treatment date is known.
  2. The employee creates a request for disposition in HiX for each patient.
  3. The employee submits the application to the municipality by sending the decision

With the arrival of Yarado, orders are requested more quickly so that patients can be treated earlier. Not only by generating and sending decisions flawlessly and efficiently, but also by shifting attention to maintaining close contact with the municipality.

Yarado is live 24/7 to perform the following actions

  1. Filter patients. The Yarado robot opens the patient treatments window in HiX and filters on the patients with a first treatment date.
  2. Get information. The Yarado robot clicks on the patient and takes over the relevant patient information.
  3. Generate decision. The Yarado robot enters the copied information into the appropriate fields of the disposition request.
  4. Send decision. From HiX, the Yarado robot navigates to the correct screen to send the request to the municipality.
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