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Automating the creation of patient data entries

Manually extending patient data entries within an admin software.
Yarado Impact


Hours of administrative work prevented yearly


Records processed


Robots set up in one weekend to spread system load

With 35 offices across the Netherlands, Fysius provides physiotherapeutic treatments specialising in neck and back pain. At the end of every year, they need to extend existing patient treatments within Intramed – their patient admin software – by creating new treatments data entries for next year. Every year in November, Yarado enables Fysius to automatically create new data entries for thousands of patients.

Automated creation of new treatment data entries for each patient

Reduced backlog across other processes

Preserved business continuity

Happier staff, able to focus on more meaningful work

Creating new treatment data entries for a patient is a time-consuming and error-sensitive task that has to be completed across the entire corporation every year. As it’s time-sensitive work, it leads to an end-of-the-year peak in workload, which becomes unsustainable to manage for Fysius employees, eventually causing a backlog in other (administrative) tasks. With a compromised focus and over-worked staff, the more meaningful work like engaging with patients is impacted.


Prior to partnering with Yarado, Fysius employees had to dedicate hours of administrative work to manually create new treatment records for thousands of their patients:

  1. Logging into the Intramed environment and exporting a .csv file containing patient’s treatment data from the previous year, from across every Fysius office.
  2. Modifying and filtering patient data in the export file by sorting columns, deleting duplicates and removing cells with redundant data.
  3. Creating a new treatment data file in Intramed for every patient and filling in treatment details per the exported file.

Since the Yara robot has been implemented, the end of the year is no longer as daunting for Fysius employees, as preparing patient treatment data is now automated. There is also no impact on the day-to-day operations of the staff who need to be working in the Intramed system, as Yara starts their work on a Friday night and ends Monday morning, causing zero disturbance. Therapists are now able to focus more on helping their patients, while our software robot takes care of keeping their data up to date and ready for the following year.

Yara,our software robot, performs the following actions:

Task #01

Preparing patient data for each Fysius office:
  1. Retrieving patient data.
    Once logged into Intramed with office-specific credentials, Yara runs a .csv export file of all patients that will continue their treatment next year.
  2. Tidying export file.
    Yara cleans the exported file by sorting columns, deleting duplicates and filtering out irrelevant patients according to different criteria (e.g., only keep patients covered by basic insurance).

Task #02

Creating new treatment data entries for each patient:
  1. Validating treatment data details.
    Yara opens the first treatment information in Intramed's treatment tab and validates whether the serial number matches that of the exported file.
  2. Creating new treatment entry.
    Yara creates a new treatment entry for that patient.
  3. Enriching treatment data.
    Yara fills in required fields from the patient record in the exported file, such as treatment serial number, start and end date for next year, “insurer” as a payment method and diagnosis reference number.
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