Case Study

Processing thousands of tax returns for CROP with no human intervention

Financial services
Eliminating manual and time consuming tax returns
Yarado Impact


saved by removing the need for 2,000 hours of manual work


faster over time, reducing processing time from 7 to 3 days


accuracy with no human involvement in the process

CROP offers a full range of financial services, one of which is filing tax returns on behalf of their accounting partners. Using their knowledge and expertise in the area of tax consulting, CROP advisors optimise tax expenditures. This means that each year during the first quarter, the company bears the administrative burden of processing tax returns – it’s a period that represents the peak in their workload. Yarado enabled CROP to win back a significant amount of time spent on filing thousands of tax returns and provide a better service to their clients, while ensuring an error-free process.

Automated order process

Increased customer satisfaction

Saved time and resources

Error-free tax returns

Each year during Q1, CROP completes thousands of tax returns. It takes around 20 minutes of manual labour to process each return, creating an enormous amount of repetitive work for overqualified consultants. Due to the repetitive nature of the work, as well as time pressure, errors often creep in. At the same time, CROP aims to better serve their partners by submitting tax returns earlier, but without compromising the quality of work – putting even more strain on the consultants.


Before, CROP tax consultants had to check, upload and send out tax returns manually, spending their time on tedious, frustrating and lower value work.

  1. Log in to the system to check what type of tax returns have to be completed for a specific account: income tax and/or corporate tax.
  2. After clicking on the account, the consultant filled in the required fields (such as personnel number and tax year) and chose the right template.
  3. Based on the template, the system then generated a form (in .pdf) which the consultant had to open and save.
  4. The consultant processed the declaration agreement and actual tax return from the form into an email format, then sent it to the client.

With Yara on board, the tax return process has been completely automated – from spotting outstanding documents to sending the tax return by email. First of all, this has saved CROP plenty of time and prevented human errors. Secondly, consultants can now focus on high-value work, spending more time on customer engagement. If workload suddenly increases, more software robots can be deployed on demand. Furthermore, Yara also enables new reporting capabilities to check progress and exceptions, among others.

Software robot, Yara, performs the following actions:

  1. Checking database
    Yara logs into the system with two-factor authentication and filters out any accounts that have outstanding documents.
  2. Retrieving information
    Yara clicks on an account and retrieves information from every attached document at once.
  3. Entering information
    Based on the information extracted, Yara enters it into the correct fields within the system.
  4. Initiating form generation
    Yara initiates form generation by inserting the fields into the system.
  5. Extracting information
    Yara splits the form up in the declaration agreement and tax return.
  6. Generating email
    Yara copies the related information into a specific email format.
  7. Sending email
    Yara sends the email to the client.
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