case study

Tackling mistakes before they arise in the order process for Brand New Service

After-Sales services
Time-sensitive, repetitive and erroneous order processing.

Brand New Service manages after-sales services for their clients in the area of repair and logistics. As part of their services, they handle the order process for (online) retailers, which involves product delivery and support. ‍ Yarado streamlined Brand New Service's order process by automating laborious manual copy-pasting, and automatically validating order information upfront to prevent any mistakes.


Cost reduction through removing flaws in the order process


Hours saved per day as a result of automating manual tasks


More orders handled per day


Automated order process

Insightful reporting

Zero mistakes

Faster order processing

Happier workforce

The challenge The challenge The challenge

the challenge

To process each incoming order, several manual tasks had to be executed. These related to extracting information from order emails (e.g. zip code and product type), which then had to be entered into the Brand New Service order management system for the logistics department to work on. Working overtime and under time pressure, employees often unintentionally skipped a vital validation step: checking if the zip codes provided by the customers were correct. In fact, it turned out that products returned to sender due to customers providing incorrect zip codes accounted for one-third of the total operating costs.

The before The before The before The before The before

The before

Before automating their process with Yarado, employees were too busy with extracting information manually and had no time left to check the information itself was correct.

For the process to work correctly they had to:

  1. After receiving an order by email, open it and search for the relevant information, such as zip code, city, customer name and product type.
  2. Copy all relevant information provided by the customer.
  3. Check if zip code is associated with the customer's address.
  4. Log in to the order management system and enter the copied information into the specified fields.

The after The after The after The after The after The after The after


Yarado automated the time-consuming, tedious order process – which not only freed up time for employees but also saved them a considerable amount of cost related to product returns by ensuring that each zip code is valid. This drastically increased efficiency and further allowed Brand New Service to automatically produce reporting into order processing.

Software robot, Yara, performs the following actions:

  1. Analysing email
    Yara opens each order email coming in and interprets the information.
  2. Extracting information
    After interpreting, Yara only selects and copies the relevant information to a text file.
  3. Validating zip code
    Yara extracts the zip code to check whether the zip code matches the city as provided by the customer. If the zip code is incorrect, Yara will send an email to the customer to request a valid zip code.
  4. Inputting information
    Once the zip code is validated, Yara logs in to the order management system and enters the information (such as customer name and zip code) into the required fields.