case study

Boosting productivity by automating user onboarding

Managed IT Service Provider
Manual and time-consuming user onboarding

Bluecube is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that implements various cloud solutions for their clients, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Deploying cloud systems means that new user accounts (sometimes hundreds of them) need to be created for the customer’s employees. Yarado enabled Bluecube to create user accounts automatically across different cloud solutions and for different services, such as Outlook and Teams, saving hours in manual and repetitive work.


minutes saved on average per onboarding


fasteruser onboarding


accurate user accounts


Digital robot colleague, Yara, takes on the onboarding of new users

Enormous boost for productivity as employees are freed towards more value-driven tasks

Ability to better serve
revenue-generating clients

Happier clients due to faster time to deployment and consistently accurate user accounts

The challenge The challenge The challenge

the challenge

Amidst the shortage of personnel, Bluecube aims to increase their service levels for (larger) clients by taking away the management of time-consuming, secondary processes from their staff, such as user onboarding. It involves execution work within and across portals, ranging from account creation in, e.g., Microsoft O365, to signature generation in, e.g., Exclaimer. Consequently, the workload becomes unbearable, often resulting in diminished employee focus and an increased rate of errors and typos. Bluecube needed to manage this process better to continue to offer the best possible customer service and to preserve their reputation.

The before The before The before The before The before

The before

Before working with Yarado, Bluecube experienced a massive workload related to user onboarding. The process looked similar to the following:

  1. The employee would retrieve a list of actions to onboard a client by reviewing the client ticket in the Bluecube Lighthouse portal.
  2. Within Remote Desktop Manager, the employee would create a new user with login details for different services.
  3. Finally, the employee would run various tests related to permission rights and performance.

The after The after The after The after The after The after The after


By implementing robotic process automation, Bluecube has used the opportunity to review their onboarding process and standardise it in a way that works most efficiently for their clients and our robot Yara. With Yara as their new digital colleague, they have saved time and energy, which is now used across their core business and in supporting their clients, especially those who generate the biggest portion of the revenue. While before employees could not always perform user onboarding on time, with the Yarado robot available 24/7, customers are now served better and faster, and the overall throughput time increased drastically. Bluecube is currently looking to train Yara to pick up even more steps in the onboarding process.

Our robot Yara starts work when an employee clicks on a button built into the Bluecube web portal and performs the following actions:

  1. Opening the ticket.
    First, Yara logs into the Bluecube Lighthouse portal to open up the client ticket.
  2. Interpreting onboarding actions.
    Yara reads the list of onboarding actions as stated in the ticket, such as account creation and testing.
  3. Adding a new user.
    Yara accesses Remote Desktop Manager and adds new user credentials for a specific service.
  4. Working through the list.
    After generating the new user, Yara goes through the actions one-by-one, such as generating signatures and testing email performance.